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Gulasch Time 08-11.06.2023
Gulasch Place ZKM & HFG, Karlsruhe
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You love programming during the night while eating Gulasch?

The GPN21 will take place from 8. to 11. June 2023 in Karlsruhe!

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Gulaschprogrammiernacht . @gulasch,

GPN21 is over, and we're already looking forward to the next GPN.
Our goal is, of course, to provide a space, an event where you can feel safe and like home!
In case you did not feel safe at GPN21, we'd want to ask you to trustfully contact our awareness team (@awareness), so we can ensure an even safer GPN the next time!

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Gulaschprogrammiernacht . @gulasch,

Ab heute, 14:30, startet der #gpn21-Abbau.
Wir bitten euch, bis dahin die Hackcenter-Tische zu räumen!

Reste werden foliert und eingelagert :)

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Gulaschprogrammiernacht . @gulasch,

Soon, Demoszene will start!
Please be excellent to each other!
We'll stream to Vortragssaal, and most likely also to the ZKM Foyer, so even more of you can watch :)

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Gulaschprogrammiernacht . @gulasch,

For #gpn21, we are guests in ZKM - which has 3 really nice exhibitions in Lichthof 1/2 (directly north of Hackcenter):

You can just get a exhibition ticket by showing your gpn badge at the ticket desk in ZKM Foyer!

Today and Tomorrow until 18:00

I'd like to recommend you especially Renaissance 3.0 (Art, Science and Technology combined, Ground Floor) and zkm_gameplay (2nd floor)!

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